Our History

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A Daniel's Chocolate was born in 2011 in Leiria (Portugal) by the hands of a young talented chocolate chef: Daniel M. Gomes.
Born and brought up in the bosom of a family connected to the hotel industry, soon he showed interest in the art of making chocolate.
In September of 2015 Daniel's Chocolate launched what is currently the most expensive bonbon in the world- GLORIOUS BOMBOM.

Offering good chocolate products always ensuring the best quality of all the ingredients that make them, as well as the rigor in a maximum hygiene in the making of them.
Establish relationships of trust and closeness with our customers and partners.

Being a great chocolate company, recognized in the Iberian market, in image, quality and flavor.

Customer orientation: through the customization of our products / services and satisfaction of their needs.
Excellence and rigor: in all our services and products.
Trust and enthusiasm in the following relationships: always working as a team and being an integral and responsible partner that guarantees the fulfillment of all commitments. 

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